Walkers got Pokemon Go this year, and they really ran with that app. Practically everywhere in the world people were running into lampposts trying to catch most of ’em. But here’s the thing: drivers really shouldn’t be using apps that run you into lampposts. So then, what? Drivers are just entirely left out? No, we don’t think so. Check out these 5 mobile apps that are ready to spice up your drive even as you use your wipers to clear off that one lone leaf that won’t seem to clear your windshield.

  • Find My Car

How often are you wasting time trying to figure out where in the world you parked? Or maybe you live by dozens of chop shops, and you’d like to have something to tell the police if your car ended up in one of them on a dark and stormy night. This app uses augmented reality, much like Pokemon, to show you where you are and where your car is. Pay just $25 as a premium and Find My Car Smarter (the upgraded version) will always save your information, regardless of whether or not your remember to use it. Meaning, if you’re a little too tipsy to drive, you can just hand the phone over to your friend and focus on walking.

  • Drive Safe.ly

If you’re one of those people who hears your phone ding, and finds themselves practically compelled to pick it up to read it, take heart in the fact that you are most certainly not alone. Instead of compromising your driving skills on the road though, this app just reads texts, emails and social media statuses out loud so you don’t have to worry about what you’re missing. This way if you’re headed to a club, and your friends make last minute changes, you can more easily reroute on the way instead of pulling over to change directions.

  • Waze

If you’re not using Waze, then you should probably get on that. Waze not only tells you about the traffic that you’ll face on the way, it’ll route you automatically to the shortest distance. It will also tell you if there’s roadkill where you’re headed or a stopped vehicle on the side of the road. The app works by crowdsourcing information, and it tends to be pretty accurate. It’s used the most in big cities because it has the greatest amount of people to gather data from, but it can come in handy in practically any town (especially considering it’s catching on in popularity.)

  • Stay Awake

On a long road trip, and prone to nodding off behind the wheel? Driving is hypnotic, especially when you’re alone. Staying awake can sometimes require a little extra effort, and this app works by having you press a reset button every so often to ensure that you’re paying attention. If you don’t hit that button, then expect some annoying sounds to play from your phone, so you can get back to the matter at hand (or pull off and find a Wendy’s parking lot to sleep at.)

Apps have infiltrated our lives for better or for worse, and their capabilities only continue to grow. No matter how you use them, you’re going to want to increase the safety of your driving, not become obsessed with looking at these apps on a regular basis. Apps can help you become a better driver, but so can class. Taking a defensive driving course may be the smartest thing you ever do. They’ve helped thousands of drivers avoid accidents and even save money on their insurance premiums.