Today we are going to speak about something that everyone is concerned about, namely the weather. In the past we had to rely on newspaper, radio and television updates to find out about the weather but the problem with that information is its not current or relevant to your specific location and needs. Aside from the inconveniences associated with getting weather updates via these traditional forms of weather information you were also inundated with
advertisements so you would naturally want to avoid these mediums. Thanks to smartphones we are no longer tied down to radio, newspapers or television to get up to the minute weather information, so we are going to take a closer look at the most popular apps that are currently available in the market. For the sake of easy reading we will focus only on Android and Apple based apps, while Blackberry was relevant a few years ago it is no longer popular so we don’t want to waste your time with that platform.

Say Hello to the WeatherBug App

The app we are going to be talking about during this discussion will be the WeatherBug App which is currently available for both Android and Apple platforms so you should be able to install it without much hassle. What we are going to do is take a look at some of the refinements that this app provides so you will have a greater appreciation for it.

The following are just some of the features available, after listing them we can then review the steps you should take to leverage these features.

  • Animated maps, the app can support up to eighteen animated maps so you can track with a great degree of detail the various weather patterns. Since the maps are animated it will give you a better understanding of where the storm/weather is going.
  • Weather Home Connect is a trademarked, patented process that connects the app to your smart home heating system. With this feature you can adjust your home heating/cooling settings remotely which should provide you with excellent peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive international weather forecasts which gives you the most up to date, up to the minute forecast from around the world, if you have to travel or love keeping track of weather then this app is going to give you life streaming.
  • Provides you with access to the largest network of weather experts around the world. These experts take the vast sums of weather data and come up with forecasting models that make the most sense.
  • Spark Lightning System which will let you receive updates on weather alerts relevant to your area or areas where loved ones reside. You will get updated the moment there is a change in the weather without having to keep your eyes glued to a TV screen.
  • Pollen updates are a great feature for individuals who have allergies and want to know whether it makes sense to go outside or stay indoors. Something that should be noted is these pollen updates are a very unique feature to the WeatherBug app. These updates help you stay healthy.
  • Live Doppler radar feed will give you quite the visual experience when you have the ability to look at active weather in real time.

These are just some of the features that are available on the WeatherBug app but this is by no means all inclusive. Now that we have touched on some of the features we should provide an overview on how you can get the most from it.

Customizable Experiences That Make Your Life Easier

If there was one word or phrase that could define WeatherBug app it would be “simplicity” but don’t let the simplicity fool you, the app is robust so there is no reason for you should use any other weather app once you have this one in place. You will be able to customize the information you receive so you only get the weather details that actually matter to you and nothing else. So whether you live in Washington DC or Miami Florida, they have you covered.

  • Units of measurement customization is an important feature for users who are not from the USA which still uses the imperial system. For people who are not from the USA acronyms like MPH may seem baffling where KMH is considered the standard unit of measurement/speed. You can define what unit of measurement you want so the information makes sense.
  • Language support so you can get the data streamed to you in either English, Spanish or Portugese so even if English is not your first language the WeatherBug should be your first and only weather app.
  • Since the weather app is fully customizable you can set up alerts and updates based solely on what is interesting to you. If you reside in an area where there is snow then keeping track of snowfall would be an important feature especially if you have young children who attend school, everyone loves a snow day!
  • Not data intensive, by customizing the reports you are only getting the information that is relevant to you so you are not using more data than what is absolutely necessary which is pretty important when you are on a data plan and don’t want to spend money needlessly.

The WeatherBug app is a true game changer but you do not have to just take our word for it because you don’t know us well but you might consider looking at the feedback that has been posted by millions of other people who are using the WeatherBug App, the general consensus is this app is bar none the best out there and once you try it you will understand why it is popular.