3Nov 2016

Top 4 Driving Apps For Fall

Walkers got Pokemon Go this year, and they really ran with that app. Practically everywhere in the world people were running into lampposts trying to catch most of ’em. But here’s the thing: drivers really shouldn’t be using apps that run you into lampposts. So then, what? Drivers are just entirely left out? No, we don’t think so. Check out these 5 mobile apps that are ready to spice up your drive even as you use your wipers to clear off that one lone leaf that won’t seem to clear your windshield.

3Nov 2016

Selecting the Best Weather App for Your Phone

Today we are going to speak about something that everyone is concerned about, namely the weather. In the past we had to rely on newspaper, radio and television updates to find out about the weather but the problem with that information is its not current or relevant to your specific location and needs. Aside from the inconveniences associated with getting weather updates via these traditional forms of weather information you were also inundated with

3Nov 2016

Three Smart Home Problems Solved

The smart home has problems. And because it has problems, adoption rates are still low. If only the smart home was perfect, if only it weren’t confusing, if only it worked without issue. For as many problems as people claim the smart home has, there are an equal number of answers. The most common complaints include compatibility confusion, security, and installation. All three have very simple and straightforward solutions.

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